No one can be good at everything. One of the practices of successful people is building up a network or team of people who have talents they lack. You are probably great at sales, marketing, coming up with new business ideas or running your operations. But chances are, unless you happen to also be an accountant or a finance expert, you could really benefit from the business consulting services we offer.


Business Plans and Forecasts

A business plan is the roadmap to success.  As an entrepreneur you have a sound business idea and clear goals.  To help you achieve your business goals you will need a plan which should clearly present your objectives, the marketing plan, describe how you will operate, include financial statement forecasts and cash flow projections which will help you determine which type of financing you will need to succeed. If you don’t have the cash you need – you may go out of business. As we help you develop your business plan we will assist you in gathering accurate data, doing solid business and financial analyses and creating prudent financial forecasts and negotiate your financing.  We will help you to monitor your progress against your goals and give you practical insight based on the knowledge we have gained from our day-to-day work with other successful business owners and you.


Business Start Up

Once your business plan is completed and financing approved we will advise you during the start up phase of your business.  This includes helping you decide what type of business to register: a proprietorship, partnership or corporation. We can help you navigate government agencies including the Canada Revenue Agency and obtain the appropriate business registrations.  We can also provide insight into the tax implications of partnership and shareholder agreements.

Good recording keeping is essential to running a successful business – without access to detailed revenue and expense data you won’t know how to improve your profitability.  We can help you evaluate and chose the most suitable record keeping systems for your situation.   We will help you evaluate software options and design your accounting system and the related systems of internal controls. Choosing the right options for these internal systems will save you huge headaches down the road – no one likes switching systems – it’s generally quite painful and expensive. As an alternative you may also decide to outsource some of these controllership functions to us, so you can focus on building your business successfully.



Technology is much more than the accounting software you choose.  At some point you’ll have questions about Point of Sale technology, backup systems, remote access to office servers, cloud computing, file sharing, customer relationship management software, electronic payments, e-commerce or the up and coming world of mobile payments. We can help you wade through this confusing world.


Relationship Building

We know you already have a network of relationships that are important to your business success. Whether it’s with your banks, lawyers, financial planners or the government, we build proactive, positive relationships, providing your other advisors with the information they need to help you achieve the success you deserve.


Strategic Planning

You are now a mature business and it’s time to look to the future.   You may need to make decisions on expansion, mergers, acquisitions, succession planning or selling your business. Because we work with many businesses like yours, we can help you with what to consider and can give you critical advice when you need it.


Financial Planning

Planning for the future is often overlooked in the hustle of our everyday lives. Planning for your financial future, whether retirement dreams or for the long-term success of your business, can leave you feeling like there are too many options and too much uncertainty. We can offer you sound advice that will help you achieve your goals.

We office offer the full range of services you will require to successfully reach your goals.