"Timely advice from a tax expert can save you money and reduce your stress”

Running a profitable business is hard enough but once you add taxes to the mix, many business owners find having an expert accountant they can trust to manage their tax responsibilities essential.


Business Taxation

Businesses have specific taxation responsibilities:

  1. To determine the basis of their tax liability.
  2. To calculate this liability based on complex rules.
  3. To report to the government.
  4. To pay that which is owed.

We do the calculations and provide reporting for you on the various government taxes:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Goods and Services Tax(GST)
  • Payroll taxes
  • WSIB/Employee Health Tax

We also draw on all the available resources to provide you with answers to all of your tax questions.


Estate and Trust Taxation

Estate planning is key to the protection of your family wealth.   We will assist you in planning your will, the transfer of your assets and the use of trusts, all which help to maintain your family’s wealth with the minimum possible tax cost.  Trusts are an effective way of ensuring your wealth is protected both while you are alive and/or upon your death.

We provide the following assistance with your estate and trust taxation needs:

  • Trust Administration
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Trust accounting
  • Preparation of trust returns – inter vivos, alter ego, family, testamentary
  • Preparation of information returns
  • Preparation of final personal tax returns


Personal Taxation

Under the Self Assessment Tax System, Canadians are faced with the privileged yet daunting task of personal tax preparation. Since this task is time consuming and complicated for the average person, many taxpayers seek assistance in preparing their income tax returns.

Choosing a qualified tax professional is one of the most important decisions you can make – it is, after all, your money!

We provide the following for your personal tax service needs:

  • A relaxed initial interview in which we try to get a good understanding of your situation.
  • Answers to your questions about everything from the laws to the filing process.
  • Proactive advice and suggestions to help you reduce your potential tax liability.
  • Computer based preparation and filing.
  • Time for you to review the tax return prior to filing.
  • Proactive information about tax legislation and filing dates that may affect you.
  • Strategic tax planning that can improve your tax situation in subsequent years.